Make A Complain

All complaints, monitor by a complaint management group. The following complaint form should be used:

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Who Can Make A Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a service, action, or behavior on the part of Hope Donors or any of its program partner organizations. A valid complaint is one about actions for which Hope Donors and/or our program partners are responsible, and must be both relevant to and within the control of Hope Donors and/or the partner organization. Both Hope Donors and its partners should be held accountable for the promises and the commitments we make, what we do, and how we do it.

Hope Donors cannot respond to a complaint about:

  • Other organizations (except Hope Donors partners)
  • Issues not related to our programs
  • The local or national government, local authorities, etc.
  • An individual requests support outside of our program activities.

For these types of complaints, we should, in so far as we reasonably can, assist the complainant to make a safe referral to the appropriate body.

What Happens After The Complaint Is Made?

  1. Hope Donors Complaints Management Group will review and acknowledge the complaint within ten working days on receipt of the complaint.
  2. We will send the complainant an acknowledgment of having received the complaint and give a date when the complainant can expect to be informed about the process being followed to handle the issue. Time frames for handling complaints will vary depending on their nature. We will keep the complainant informed throughout the process.
  3. In the event that the complaint is about an issue that falls outside the control of Hope Donors, we will advise the complainant of this in the acknowledgment letter.
  4. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Complaints Management Group will identify the appropriate person to provide a response.
  5. If the matter can be resolved directly, the designated person will provide a prompt response.
  6. If the matter needs to be investigated, appropriate people within the organization will be appointed to conduct this confidentially. Only a limited number of persons who need to know about the complaint will be informed. Investigations will be carried out following Hope Donors Investigation Guidelines. In instances where appropriate action is required Hope Donors reserves the right to keep the action confidential.

Situations Where Hope Donors Will Stop Responding To A Complaint

No complaint will be ignored and we will treat everyone who makes a complaint with courtesy and respect. In return, we expect complainants to raise their complaints fairly and appropriately. In cases where complainants harass staff, behave abusively, or unreasonably pursue their complaint, we reserve the right to withdraw our investigation of their complaint. In all such instances, the complainant will be informed by the Chief Operating Officer that we do not propose to consider further, or correspond about, the complaint or any specific points raised in the complaint and the reasons for it.